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& Another Thing…

Posted: February 3rd, 2010 | Author: Todd | Filed under: type | Tags: | Comments Off


The word “and” is the equivalent of verbal synergy. Granted I am guilty of being long winded at times and of lovingly constructing many a run on sentence. But, I love the word and for the way it smoothly links two ideas together in some sort of interesting relationship that just seems to go beyond what each of those thoughts could have accomplished on their own. Strange then that I rarely use an ampersand. If you’re like me and feel a need to redeem yourself to the typography gods or if you’re already a true believer in the mighty ampersand then you’ll want to take a virtual stroll over to the website 300&65. As you can already guess this site presents a different ampersand for each and everyday of the year… even on bank holidays.

Type That Stands A(bike)part

Posted: September 2nd, 2009 | Author: Todd | Filed under: bikes, type | Tags: , | Comments Off


While I’m not sure you’ll want to typeset the annual report your working on in BikeType by London based designer Emma Webb you’ve got to admit it’s pretty fun. You can check this and some of her more practical creations on her Behance portfolio with the equally fun title “ideas are shiny”.