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Olympic Host Logos

Posted: February 20th, 2010 | Author: Todd | Filed under: design, opinion | Tags: , | 1 Comment »




Speaking of the Olympics I was just going to put together a collection of Olympic logos when I discovered that Web Designer Depot has already assembled 39 of them. Browsing through I was thinking that a fair amount of progress has been made. At least until I got down to the bottom where the logo created by Wolff Olins for the 2012 games in London presented itself. Hmm. It looks like the dynamic design by Italian studio Benincasa-Husmann for the 2006 Winter games in Torino will remain my favorite for at least another two years.

Olympic Action

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I watch very little commercial television with the notable exception of the Olympics – which I watch as much of as possible. The experience is made even better because my wife is such a fun Winter Olympics watching partner. Not only does she get emotionally swept up in the events she keeps sharing interesting connections. She helped coach bronze medalist Andrew Weibrecht (top) when he was just a lad of 14 and she baby sat gold medalist Lindsey Vonn (below) at the Buck Hill ski area.