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The Competitive Landscape

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Thank you to everyone who attended the ASLA-MN seminar “The Competitive Landscape – Insights to Help Landscape Architects Use Marketing to Define the Terrain”. It was a pleasure to meet you. I hope you learned a few things and came away enthused about the opportunities to market yourself or your company in exciting new ways that benefit both you and your audience. Please feel free to download the presentation so you can continue the conversation.

Download Presentation (19mb  pdf)

Today in the Studio Garden (06)

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I always enjoy working on the studio garden but today is one of those spectacular days when I could grab my laptop, sit in the shade of the Lilac and enjoy working in the studio garden. I know I shared Anemones yesterday but the light seemed to be particularly interested in them today. Besides, they’re Cindy’s favorite.

1440 x 900
1920 x 1200

Today in the Studio Garden (05)

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It was a rainy week weather-wise and a busy week work-wise so the glorious weekend was quite a relief. After their long drink the Snowdrop Anemones are blooming in profusion and reaching for the sky like somebody yelled “Jesse James” at a banking convention.

1440 x 900
1920 x 1200

Diaspora vs Facebook

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If the idea of keeping in touch with long lost protagonists from the historical back alleys of your life has led you to join Facebook you are in good company. 400 million people in fact which is rather a lot of company. The question is if Facebook itself is putting the ‘good’ in good company or if it is primarily concerned about the company half of the equation? I can only speculate as to Facebook’s motives but their privacy policy has always given me pause. Recent changes in that policy will increase the exposure of your personal information to forces beyond your control. If Facebook feels like a reasonable trade-off to you then by all means go for it. If not then an alternative open-source social network called Diaspora* is currently germinating and could use your help. If you are the type that makes early adopters feel late to the party now is the moment to check it out and spread the word.

You can also read more about the creators of Diaspora* in this New York Times article.

Jefferson Avenue Bike Boulevard

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At BrainstormOverload we care not just about bikes, design, and design communities but we care about designing communities, too. We’ve decided it is time to put our interests and skills to good use in our own community. Wednesday night was a small but important victory for citizens in the Saint Paul area, and we were glad to be just a small part of the effort. Saint Paul gained city council approval (6-1) on the very first bike boulevard in Saint Paul. The roughly 4.25 miles of Jefferson Avenue will, in the next year or so, become an important part of the non-motorized transportation infrastructure of the Twin Cities.

In future posts I’ll write more about the policy that paved the way for this project, the people behind the effort, and what I see as the boulevard design positives and negatives, but for now I just want to revel in the warm fuzzies of a community coming together to consider public good as paramount to private good. Eight came out in opposition, largely talking about “my streeet”. On the flip side twenty-eight people agreed to speak in support of the boulevard as a small step in the right direction for our community, our street, our health, and our children. Four of which were a family from the east side of Saint Paul (far away from this boulevard). All four members, the daughter, son, mother, and father spoke about how important this step is for families who rely on safe non-motorized options in the Cities. They bike for nearly every trip from their house, and they felt strongly enough about affecting change that they took three and a half hours out of their evening to support this. I know there are many who have been involved in bike advocacy for years in our region; I commend every one of them and am inspired by their efforts to personally do more for our city and community. More to come on the boulevard implementation, but for now….a warm fuzzy public good feeling.

family with eight wheels

Today in the Studio Garden (04)

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I was surprised to see these miniature Iris up already. Perhaps simply because they don’t have as far to go at just about five inches high but I prefer to believe they are just eager.

1440 x 900
1920 x 1200