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Gotta Go Number 5

Posted: March 20th, 2010 | Author: Todd | Filed under: artifacts, design, illustration, local twin cities, opinion, posters | Tags: , | 2 Comments »


The list of participants in Poster Offensive 5 has just been released. The official manifesto says “The Poster Offensive is an independent, non-partisan poster show, which utilizes the politically potent medium of the poster to showcase contemporary interpretations and critiques of political and social issues.” But don’t let the warm and fuzzy language fool ya. There has been no shortage of sharply pointed and passionate posters in years past.

The Frank Stone Gallery in Minneapolis will host the show from October 28 through November 7, 2010 with an opening reception on Friday, October 29th.

Here’s the list of 71 artists and and as many links as I could turn up without hurting myself. Certainly enough talent to keep you busy for awhile: Kent Aldrich of Nomadic Press, Brian Beatty, Cranky Pressman, Landland, James Boyd-Brent, Chelsea Brink, Thomas Brodahl, Ross Bruggink, Bill Burns, Anchalee Chambundabongse, Candy Chang, Mike Davis, Jamey Erickson of Sevnthsin, Bill Ferenc, TOOTH, Zara Gonzalez, Austin Gullixson, Chad Hagen, Jessica Hall Burns, J. Namdev Hardisty of The MVA, Robb Harskamp, LovelyMpls, Amy Jo, Ben Hribar, Greg Hubacek, Aesthetic Apparatus, Steve Jockisch, Jeff Johnson, Craig Johnson, Josh Journey-Heinz, Daniel Kent of ikhoor, Joe Kral, Selina Larsen, Ben Levitz, Steve Marth, Justin Martinez, Patrick Maun, Aaron Melander, Samantha Michaels, Lukas Mills, Bill Moran, Kelly Munson, Sarah Osborn, Vahalla Studios, Ben Pagel, Jamie Patrick Paul of Lost & Found Dept., Eric Plumb, Aaron Pollock, Andy Powell, Aaron Purmort, Adam Ramerth, John Reichel, Lucas Richards of MouseSaw, Jesse Ross, Chip Schilling, David Schwen, Scott Shore of Lure Design, Johnny Slocum, Mickey Smith, John Solimine of Spike Press, Krista Stout from Papered Together, Mate Steinforth, Colin Strandberg of The Work Steady, Jason Teegarden-Downs of Delicious Design League, Emma Trithart, Adam Turman, Tony Venne, Burlesque of North America, Dustin Yerks, Nick ZdonTodd Zerger of BrainstormOverload and Peet Fetsch (who is also organizing the Poster Offensive effort! Thanks Peet.).

Time and Tide Waited for 3 Years

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While looking for info graphic inspiration on the site informationisbeautiful.net I found this gorgeous tide chart designed by Wilfred Castillo as a student project (at San Jose State in California) three years ago – back in 2007. Definitely beautiful enough to hang in the house except it isn’t available. Sorry to get your hopes up but better to have loved and lost right? Willfred’s site showcases some other nice work you can’t have too and is worth a visit.


Pat Fallon on Midmorning

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Local advertising maven Pat Fallon will be featured on MPR’s Midmorning today at 10:00 a.m. (91.1 fm in the Twin Cities or listen online by clicking the blue button in the narrow center column)  He’ll be speaking about the future of advertising. If you miss it the podcast should wind up here.

Disruptive Effects

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The University of Minnesota provides quite a few great resources that are both excellent and free. Promotion however is often not excellent so events are easy to miss and are not as well attended as they should be. The Upcoming Disruptive Effects symposium is breaking that mold. The bad news is that it isn’t free – though it is still a bargain relative to the cost of many creative industry events. The good news is that Larsen is a sponsor so there are posters and a website and I know about it far enough in advance to blog about it. This symposium is worth considering since it looks like it will break another mold as well. Namely those stale presentations of the presenter’s past work in favor of a multi-disciplinary dialogue about what could be. Take a look, take a chance and take the opportunity to challenge the participants. This may be one time they’ll appreciate the disruption.

Not for Those With Two Left Feet

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You probably recognize Keen as the manufacturer of those slighly clunky looking but seriously comfortable shoes that stylistically you either love or hate. Well they’ve turned their attention to socks and while I was skeptical I have to say the redesign is a big improvement. The most obvious thing about Keen’s hybrid socks are that a pair comes as one left and one right sock. The idea here is that the deliberate asymmetry will improve fit and wear. What’s less obvious but more welcome is the absence of a seam along the top of the toe box (which always drives me crazy). Keen has created a seam that is super low and smooth and put it on the bottom where surprisingly it is virtually unnoticable. There are a few other details that make the sock more supportive or more flexible in key spots. Lastly I think they actually look pretty sweet which is important if you are designer and everyone expects you to exude style from head to toe. Check out my feet or keenfootwear.com for more.

Savory Creations

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Three different kinds of chocolate (regular, Mexican and Dutch processed), two different kinds of milk with a dash of vanilla and cinnamon. Topped with fresh whipped cream and shavings of Sharffen Berger Asante 65% from the chocolate maker’s series. Of all the stuff that we make at BrainstormOverload the signature studio hot cocoa is possibly my favorite creation.

Too bad there’s not an award category for that. Cheers.