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The Minnesota Eye

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The Center for Visual Arts (CVA) is hosting The Minnesota Eye October 29 through November 14, 2009 to showcase 17 local photographers. There is an opening reception, a panel discussion and a gallery talk – all on different days so you won’t miss the whole thing. It seems to me that will increase the likelihood that you’ll miss two out of three though. Registration will only cost you one Hamilton and I’m pretty sure my man Alexander would consider it a good investment.

Version 7.0 Live At Last

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The new BrainstormOverload website is live at long last. Thanks to the tremendous efforts of developer Colin Petit for coding it up and figuring out all the java script madness and to my brother Jeff for early experiments with the navigation. It is amazing how complicated it is to make the interface so simple. There are one or two wrinkles to work out like integration with IE 6.0 and 7.0. But seriously you should not be using those crummy browsers anyway. Upgrade to Firefox or Chrome so you can start experiencing the internet the way we’ve actually designed it.

Red Mountains Yellow Trim

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Tucked away in a little neighborhood just below the Flatiron Mountains in Boulder, Colorado lies the Sampson House by Tician Papachristou. Make sure you take the time to actually sound out his name because despite looking unfamiliar it will roll off your tongue with the same comfortable charm that this house inspires. It’s amazing how a home built in 1958 can escape looking dated over 50 years later. In part it is the simple honesty of the wood siding and bare concrete. The shape is intriguing and makes even more sense when seen in context with the dusty red peaks that soar almost 1,000 feet above. I believe the yellow trim is a recent addition but it serves to emphasize the way the roof line parallels the slope. Together these design details ensure the house feels rooted to the landscape but also celebrates the jagged mountains that surely inspired it. It was also likely inspired by the long, low lines of Frank Loyd Wright’s Usonian homes.

Tician collaborated on a few projects with a more famous architect Marcel Breuer.¬†Breuer was brilliant without a doubt and it must have been rewarding to collaborate but unfortunately seems to have overshadowed Tician’s own work which is wonderful in its own right. If you’re ever in Boulder take a moment to walk by.

Launching A Good Mission

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St. David’s Center in Minnesota has provided a supporting environment for children of all capabilities since 1965. It has been a great pleasure to design a new website to support their efforts. Along with my partners Jonathan Anderstrom and developer Colin Petit at Creed Interactive and photographer Josh Hackney we’re celebrating today’s launch.

The Art of Influence

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A new film by Doug Pray entitled “Art and Copy” delves into what it means to be a creative thinker in the advertising biz. It’s a pretty funny game we play but I have long recognized the power we have to shape and drive the perspective and direction of our culture. That’s kind of scary until you ask “If not us then who?” Engineers or fast food restaurant franchisees? Politicians? I can’t seem to come up with a field that seems less alarming : ) So, check out the trailer which is pretty fun. Then get back to work – and be careful – what you do may be more impactful than you know. The more you think about that the more you may find yourself looking for opportunities to use your skill to help champion causes that are meaningful to you.

Not Your Grandpa's Old Agency List

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The Twin Cites of Minneapolis and Saint Paul have a wealth of great interactive talent and a great number of terrific agencies working in the interactive space. 117 in fact. According to a new list entitled Best Web Design Minneapolis established by Grandpa-George (which is… you guessed it. An interactive agency). It really is a great resource for keeping your finger on the pulse of the community and will hopefully inspire other cities to follow suit.

Denver Obeys

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Walking past the convention center I noticed that Denver has chosen Shepard Fairey (of Obama poster and Obey fame) to represent the growing arts and theater district downtown. Two of his illustrations top pennants that are a good four stories tall.



The Big Picture

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The Big Picture over at the Boston Globe (which presents current events through collections of huge – for the web- photos) has posted 40 really gorgeous photographs from this year’s Tour de France. With every new picture I take myself I develop ever greater respect for the pros who can capture amazing moments like these and do it in razor sharp focus. Most of these pictures concentrate on the riders themselves but many include the spectacular scenery and even the colorful spectators… uh, jumping for joy. The two shots here are by Jasper Juinen and Joel Saget respectively. Nice work guys!

Type That Stands A(bike)part

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While I’m not sure you’ll want to typeset the annual report your working on in BikeType by London based designer Emma Webb you’ve got to admit it’s pretty fun. You can check this and some of her more practical creations on her Behance portfolio with the equally fun title “ideas are shiny”.

Get Your Street Fashion Fixie

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Cycling – long identified with the slightly obscure, super-fit, spandex set – has been going mainstream. Bike messengers have done for bicycling what skateboarders did for surfing. They’ve given it the patina of urban accessibility. While one might argue they’ve also tarnished the luster a little they also deserve some credit for the surge in popularity (and viability) of urban cycling. Adidas celebrates urban bike culture in a series of photos marketing their upcoming Originals OT-Tech collection (not on the Adidas site yet) as seen here on Hypebeast. Here are two of my favorite photos. If you want to see these kicks in person check in with my man Jason Sack. If he doesn’t have a pair nobody does.

These cyclists are incredibly talented by the way. I’ll post some videos of the outlandish moves these riders have developed when they aren’t busy racing your package across town or hanging out at Pizza Luce.