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I Married a Monster (fan)

Posted: July 22nd, 2009 | Author: Todd | Filed under: artifacts, illustration, output | Tags: | Comments Off



Sometimes it’s nice to have an excuse to get off the computer and simply make something by hand. My wedding (a very informal and fun celebration with home made beer and games rather than champagne and fancy tableware) gave me just such an excuse and here is the result. Four bean bags adorned with slightly sheepish looking monsters – who despite all the teeth are really quite friendly. They are eagerly awaiting August 1st when they will be flung through the air at the corn toss boards I made to go with them. I was originally going to illustrate an alien abduction scene in four panels but my fiancĂ©e steered me in a different direction and as usual she was right.

The only question is, what to make next?

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